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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Horizontal Stripes Won’t Make You Look Wide

There is this general assumption that plus size ladies should “Never Wear Horizontal Stripes!”

Okay, I get that stripes can be intimidating, but the “Never WearHorizontal Stripes!” is a hilarious myth. There are so many new cuts and shapes and silhouettes adorned with simple stripes. In that case, there are just too many cute options to dismiss the notion of horizontal stripes entirely. The key with styling stripes (on any body shape!) is to pay attention to fit, shape, and colors, and using these factors to help create balance in your outfit.

Gabifresh on debunking the “Never Wear Horizontal Stripes! rule” once said that “The key here is finding the right width. Thicker lines are best on curvy women, I've found, because they're proportional with bigger figures. Look for ones that are around two inches wide (very thin, close-set stripes)”

I love the look of a plus size woman in horizontal stripes. Stripes may not be everyone’s print of choice, but there’s no denying how exuberant they are. Since this is such a common piece of bad advice, a woman who wears horizontal stripes is clearly not someone who’s going to be pushed around by anyone. It exudes confidence, and gives you a chance to have fun with color combinations.

If the thought of all-over stripes is still too much, you can break up patterns by adding a “third piece”—like a cardigan, blazer, or vest.

Check out how these ladies dressed it up

Photos: Kim, stylishcurves.com, Chastity, Kristien, Rochelle,

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